Frequently Asked Questions

I work two jobs - Can Just the Tips track them both?

Sure! Go to your settings and under Job and Positions simply add another job! It's that easy. You can even customize the settings for each job!

I work a couple of different roles at my job, and certain things like my tip outs change depending upon what position I work. Do I have to change the settings each time I change positions?

Of course not. Under settings on the menu, you can add as many positions as you need, each one with its own set of customizable options. Once you create your settings, simply pick the appropriate position from the drop down box when you enter your tips.

I had 4 too many shots last night and smashed my phone. Is my information gone?

Nope! Just the Tips automatically syncs your data to our secure cloud once a week. Unless you manually backed up between shots 2 and 3, all that will be lost, besides your phone, is whatever tips you had entered between last week's backup and that last shot. At least you have an excuse to buy a new phone!

Is Just the Tips available on Android AND iOS?

We have recovered our iOS version from the villains who stole it, and it is available now in the App Store! After great discussion of strategy and months of planning, an elite squad of our finest warriors joined forces with the great Golden Dragons from the Northern Realm and stormed the Citadel, freeing our app and ridding the land of a great evil in the process. Help us spread the word of the Tips!! Tell a friend to tell a friend. Keep Middle Earth safe, download Just the Tips now!!

What about Blackberry and Windows Phones?

Hahahahaha that’s adorable. Oh wait, you are serious. We totally respect Blackberry and Windows Phones, and plan on eventually releasing versions for those platforms as well. *cough*

I am a law abiding citizen, and thoroughly enjoy paying taxes. If some evil doer was to steal my phone and sabotage my tip entries, could the IRS send drones to your cloud and spy on my information?

Of course not. When you sign up, you do not nor will you ever be asked to disclose any personal or employer information. All we require is a valid email address. ANY valid email address. would even work! We would definitely ask where you got such a sweet email though. Using Just the Tips will not lead to Elliot Ness and The Untouchables knocking down your door, confiscating your hooch and bringing you in for tax evasion. F*$k Kevin Costner. Simply put, Just the Tips is a convenient and safe tool that will help you keep track of your hard-earned money. NOBODY will ever “Know Your Dough” (unless you show them).

Just the Tips is pretty F*!king awesome. Like, greatest app in the history of the universe awesome. What else do you guys have planned?

Well that is certainly some high praise, and we are flattered. In addition to a pretty sweet app, we are also developing a web portal where our loyal subjects can go to access even more awesome features, such as more in depth reporting, additional editing features, interactive graphs, and more! Seriously, we are not joking, graphs, and who knows what that “more” means. We also have several features we plan on incorporating into future versions of the app, but you will just have to be patient. One feature may or may not convert your phone into an arc reactor. Obviously this will depend on what kind of phone you have, but yeah, basically if you use our app, there is a good chance that in the near future you could be a superhero.